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I bought this water shoes for my trip to Myrtle Beach. I have two kids that I have to chase around in their pools and out of pools and this worked just perfectly for that occasion. It was very nice around the beach, because I hate getting sand stuck on every part of my foot after being in the water, and also in the water, because I don't want to feel or expose my fit to any possible creatures underneath the sand, (I've gotten bitten/stung by something while I put my feet into the sand, my toes w...
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We bought these for our honeymoon - we did an excursion as Xel-Ha (a natural water park in Mexico) and you're pretty much walking around all day and in water, so you don't have access to get your belongings when needed, so we just bought these to wear around the park all day and I'm glad we did! We did A LOT of walking... some on rocks, trails, sand, etc. and they held up great. I even wore them to and from the airport because they were the only closed-toe shoes I brought with me and it was col...
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These shoes saved my feet on my hiking trip to Havasu Falls! The last two miles of the hike is in fine sand and the only way I could get through it without the sand getting into my hiking shoes and destroying my feet was to wear these. They are amazing! They have great grip and are super light, and while I could still feel the rocks underfoot, they didn't hurt at all. They were also great in the water where it was slippery and unsteady. Overall, these are the best water shoes I've ever owned.
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Wore these on a cruise...swam in 3 spots in the Caribbean, and they were so comfortable and protective. No sand collected inside and they dried quickly. Several other cruise guests loved them and wanted to know where I got them. Fit like a glove (or comfy smooth sock) . Definitely a good purchase
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These were PERFECT for my trip to Kauai. The beach we were near had hidden rocks in the sand - big volcanic rocks that hurt to step on... except for ME in my fancy shoes. I wore them almost constantly for a week and they held up great under all kinds of stress. I'd totally buy them again. I only wish I had ordered them for everyone in my group. Great value, great product.
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We took these to Puerto Rico. They worked remarkably well for climbing rocks, splashing in the waterfalls, walking along the sandy beach, and snorkeling. They fit well, dried quickly, protected our feet and washed up easily! Would highly recommend as an addition to any adventure!
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1st, these shoes are great for the pool, the beach and yoga. The sole is also thick enough for everyday walking on short distances. They fit tightly which is exactly what I wanted. I got very little sand in them and no rocks. The most important for me was the look. They look great.
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Bought these for our excursions at Cancun and we loved them. They are very comfy, light, and really useful when walking through Waterparks, snorkeling, or doing the speedboat excursions. They fold up tiny so you can fit them in any beach bag or backpack. I even started wearing mine when it rains at home.
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I love these :) i bought the all black color. They are thin and stylish unlike other department store water shoes that are bulkier and have bright multiple colors. I’ve used them for the lake so far & have gotten compliments on them :) You can remove the sole of the shoes which good to clean out any sand. I ordered more for family members!
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Perfect for that little added protection without the bulkiness of a rugged water shoe/sneaker. I will be wearing these often. Fit so great they feel non existent and look sharp!
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My 9 year olds love these water shoes. I ordered them just before we went on vacation to Seattle and my kids wore their socks whenever we ended up near the water. These shoes held up through a whole day of walking through parks, trails, low tide, sand, and even a bike ride. Looking forward to getting more use out of them around lakes and rivers the rest of the summer. Will update with how they hold up over time
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These are absolutely perfect with my swimsuit I love them they are so comfortable and fit just right I have arthritis in my legs and this makes it nice and easy for me to walk in the water
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Every time I go away I always have to purchase a new pair of water shoes for me and my husband because we usually leave the old pair wherever we vacation because there usually too full of sand after a day or two on the beach to bring home. But not these, absolutely no sand got into them and they did not get water-logged, they are very light-weight and comfortable, these were brought home this time to be used again for our next vacation in December
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I wore these as camp shoes while backpacking. It was nice to kick off the boots and put these on after a long day of hiking. Brought them to the Grand Canyon. So comfy I hiked 6 miles in them instead of my hiking boots. I’m buying another pair! Love these!
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These were exactly as described and really helped deal with the scorching sand. The fit is true to size and so is the width. They’re comfy and the stretchy fabric really makes it feel like you’re wearing socks. Perfect shoe for rocky waters!
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I ordered 2 pairs one women's, one kids, I love mine so does my son, they fit great I love that they move with my foot so it's more like a sock but has a nice rubber sole, I love these so much better than clunky water shoes! I will be ordering more for the whole family!
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These shoes are perfect for kayaking! The water drains from them quickly and they really do dry fast. They’re comfy and cute too! I wear a size 8 and ordered a Women’s size 7.5 - 8.5 and they fit me perfectly.
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Best water Shoe PERIOD! They are super comfortable but protective enough to handle rocky beaches and rivers. Check out the picture, my girlfriend and I were able to relax in peace on the rocks while the barefoot crowd had to keep their distance. Such good shoes! They’re so comfy I even wear them around the house.
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I love these water socks!! They fit great and are super comfortable. I just don’t trust walking around barefoot at a water park without foot protection and there’s no way that I would let my kids race around the water park barefoot. These are the perfect solution! Love it! They sturdy enough to protect our feet, and they give you better grip. My daughter loves them so much that she wears them as slippers.
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I love these "water" shoes. Soft, smooth, flexible and comfortable. I actually bought mine for golf. I've never liked regular golf shoes and had resorted to running shoes. But I was looking for something with a thinner, more flexible sole and these are perfect. I have now worn them for 6 rounds and they are holding up very well. They take up a tiny bit of space in my golf bag and are great for warm weather